North Area Amateur Soccer League




Adult 6v6 Fall 2012 Season


Team Registration for Fall 2012 is now closed.

Indidvidual registration is open until Sept 24th. 

Please e-mail NASARegistrar@gmail.com for information. 


Start of the season is September 24th 2012.

Coaches meeting is September 11th 2012. 

$200 per team 

Team fees do not include SCASA annual player fee

Individual registration for player pool is $50

Individual registration fees do include SCASA annual player fee 

Referees paid $30 ($15 per team) on the field

$60 refundable performance bond



 Sanctioned by South Carolina Amateur Soccer Association (SCASA)

All Players must register with SCASA for the 2011-2012 year.


SCASA membership is $25 per year ($5 for duel registration), teams must deal directly with SCASA


$5 replacement charge for a new card  



Game days M-Th 730 pm or 830 pm 





SCASA Roster will be forwarded  to SCASA 





SCASA Roster

Team Terms



Follow Twitter -- @NASANAASL  



* NASA NAASL and it’s Administrators reserve the right to deny any player or team based entry into the league


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